Christine the felt aubergine



Christine is Marlon's (see my shop banner) younger sister. She might be a slip of a thing, but she has hidden depths. She doesn't like giddy people, and gets vexed when people make fun of the fact that her name rhymes. She longs to move to the U.S. or New Zealand, where this isn't a problem.*

Christine is handsewn in felt, and lovingly stuffed with polyfill. Her determined gaze is thanks to safety eyes, but she is not intended to be used as a children's toy (but that's more to do with her personality/lifestyle than anything else). Christine is just over 4 inches (10cm) tall, and would ideally suit someone who enjoys reading or working at a computer whilst being watched by a small, intense felt vegetable. :-)

*Aubergines are called eggplants in America, Canada and New Zealand. Wacky, eh? ;-)

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