lovebird silver necklace



Oh the whimsy! I just can't resist at the moment! This little lovebird will be appearing on further pieces on Folksy very soon...

This dainty little number is approx 40mm high, 15mm wide. The bird is cut from silver that has my vintage lace impressed on it and a little 18k gold eye, while the bower she sits on is flattened 2mm wire. The blossoms are tiny domed circles, with dinky 18k gold blobs at their centre. All in all, a stylish little pendant, though I say so myself!

The pendant is on an 18" bobble chain, though I do have 16" if you prefer.

All pieces are individually made, to order only. Each one is slightly different - as you can see from the photos. If you prefer blossoms, or a butterfly you can let me know! Or the bird facing the other way...or leave it up to me!

Though I try to make the piece within a few days of the order being placed, there can be a delay of up to a week before shipping. I will give you an idea of the length of time before shipping as soon as you place your order.

All my jewellery is sent out in my new black boxes with my name in silver type on the lid. Velvet covered foam pad inside!

Shipping destinations

Destination: United Kingdom
Shipping cost: 2.00
Shipping cost for each additional +1 of this item: 1.00

Accepted payment methods

- Bank transfer
- Cheque


Feedback: 100% / 2
Location: United Kingdom
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