Upcycled Vintage Textile Collar - THREE LANDS



India, Turkey and Thailand - three countries work in synergy to create this beautiful upcycled textile cuff,

The foundation is made of a vintage embroidered collar salvaged from an Ottoman empire wedding dress. Often the elaborately hand-stitched collars will be saved and passed down for generations, while the rest of the dress is used for everyday wear. This collar didn't find a new bride, but it did find a new purpose!

The focal piece is an antique Kuchi pendant I unearthed from a huge pile of baubles strewn on the ground of an open-air bazaar in Kashmir. Each time I see it, I remember the bright smile and henna'ed hands of the old woman to whom it belonged in her girlhood. The pendant is clipped on to the collar and can be removed to wear as a brooch, or clip it on to a bracelet!

İ've added the Thai glass beadwork to bring out the colours of the embroidery, and the metal clamshells for added jangle! Closure is a jump-loop made from another bit of Kuchi finery.

Definitely one-of-a-kind, this necklace is a snippet of history as well as a beautiful accessory. Wear its stories around your collar!

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