Fancy a leading role in the The Foxy Feathered Fascinator Caper? Don this little charmer and you'll have even the hardest boiled detective wrapped around your little finger!

A fan of rich pheasant feathers, spread over a padded, gently curving fascinator base and shaped to form a soft yet solidly durable hairpiece.

The warm natural colouration of these feathers ranges from rich coppers and bronzes through deep nut browns, patterned with cream and black and tipped with the occasional flash of metallic green.

Dress it up or dress it down, it'll add a chic vintage touch to any outfit.

ATTACHES: with a comb mounted under the base. Simply push into your hair. Lightweight and easy to wear.
SIZE: KissCurl Fascinator. Approximately 5 inches/13 cm long.
FEATHERS: Cleaned, washed and treated. Please note that as these are a natural product each fascinator may vary slightly in colour or pattern.
KEY LOOKS: 1940s/forties Noir, Autumn Wedding, Boho Chic, Vintage Vixen or work with your own style!

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