is anybody alive here?


It seems that nothing happens on the market. Who has another opinion ? Who is lucky selling their goods? Is ANYBODY HERE?????

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Waney Grain

I was thinking the same! Seems like a very quiet site! No traffic indicators, we we have no way to see if our items are being viewed!

I wonder if there are any customers out there!!!!!!

Anton Vladimirovich

По русски ктонить говорит?

Anton Vladimirovich

Po russki ktoto govorit?


Hello!!! How are You? Is anyone here?


Nobody is here.


what is more, there is an option "contact " with the shop owner in every store, but it does not work. I wanted to write some messages to different shop owners asking if they have sales but it always has the same- disabiled to contact.


Доброго времени суток всем русскоговорящим.
Я здесь всего пару дней.
Меня интересует, есть ли здесь хоть какое-то движение?
Похоже сюда кроме продавцов никто не заглядывает, что очень печально.