Funky Flowery Grass Fun handbag



This flowery handbag was originally inspired by glorious summers of days gone by.

Sadly those long hot summers are but a memory… but wait! With this delightful bag you can carry your long hot summer with you everyday! It will cheer your mood whatever the weather.

The springy grass is attached to the bag and is liberally sown with pretty yellow flowers. The grass is ‘growing’ in a wonderful rich brown ‘soil’ of luxurious upholstery material.

The whole bag is very ‘touchy feely’ a nice tactile experience.

The bag measures 28cm’s tall, 27cm’s wide and 10cm’s depth. It has a wide gusset so is big enough to fit many items you may like to carry with you. This is a practical bag as well as being a beauty.

It will make a fantastic gift for anyone, a friend, girlfriend or of course yourself!

For cost of postage outside the UK please contact me. Thanks.

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Destination: WORLDWIDE
Shipping cost: £4.00
Shipping cost for each additional +1 of this item: £1.50

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