Whopper Giant Slug



Hey, come back here you super-speedy-slug!

Whopper Giant Slug may be a pretty lilac in chunky knit but he/she's a fierce slitherslatherslipslak. HUGE!

A dear Lullaby Lily friend has told me of her trip to London and delight over seeing a teacher with giant knit spiders and various invertebrates as teaching aids. So inspired here is real freak of nature: Whopper Giant Slug.

He/she is a rude almost 7" long and 1.5" tall, is stuffed firmly but softly with pure wool roving and comes with his/her own name tag in a gift bag./scary

My slug history:

Eeeww! Ugh! Why would anyone, especially a gardener like me, spend their precious hours on Earth knitting slugs? Absolutely no idea!

I hate it when I feel that squelchy-squelch underfoot and hear that wet hissy-sigh that means I’ve accidentally stepped onto a slug. And how they curl up dying! Aww!

So to make up for those dead ‘uns I offer up to the Slug King/Queen these small tokens of his/her kin.

Now I can’t stop making them! I am in love with them! I seem to be the only person I know who thinks they are adorable! No, I tell a lie, my daughter loves them too – they gang up on her hedgehogs.

When I made my prototype, she whisked it away before he/she (hermaphrodites, remember) had their antennae sewn on and it is still being played with sans-antennae! Apparently it’s some kind of unnatural caterpillar/slug fusion.

Yes, snails are lovely but slugs – ah, these are the voracious thugs, the slithering carnivores of the damp undergrowth, watch out beasties here come the big boys/girls!

These things move so slow they can creep right up on you – once I looked down to see a giant leopard slug on my ankle, ARGH! I did the ‘get it off me!’ dance for several minutes that time.

Quirky fun small cuddlies for boys and girls.

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