Tiger Eye Pyramids - set of five



Tiger Eye Pyramids
Size :- 12-18mm

Pyramids are a form of Sacred Geometry and help to amplify any vibration or pranic energy (Bio energy). These Pyramids could be used in the centre as grid to draw and focus energy.
Tiger eye with a mix of yellow and golden brown aura has ability to magnify and focus energy of intention. Clubbed with the power of pyramid this is a very effective tool for manifestation of desires specially when stated clearly
Tiger eye is also known to be a combination of earth and sun energy wherein it helps in drawing spiritual energy to earth and transmuting them to the lower chakras. It helps in balancing and harmonizing along with being stable and focused. It is also known to be a protection stone for travelers and also attracts energy to aid in rise of kundalini Shakti.
Being associated with Solar Plexus (Manipur) Chakra it is known to be helpful in giving courage at the time of need. It is astrologically connected with people born under the zodiac signs of CAPRICORRN and LEO.

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