Black Tourmaline Raw



This Pack Of Black Tourmaline Contains 150Gms of Raw Black Tourmaline for meditation and grid making purpose.

Black Tourmaline :

Black Tourmaline is a very effective grounding stone with multiple uses. It helps in giving calming effect and draws negative energy from a person. It is also known to transform dense energy into lighter vibration thus providing vitality and stability.

Being a grounding stone it is effective to attain meditative state and helps the user to have insight into one’s life. It also helps one to connect to the higher self and realize the true meaning of life and purpose.

Black Tourmaline is associated with Root (Mooladhar) Chakra and its regular use helps in balancing and harmonizing the energy of this chakra which is also a centre for kundalini Shakti. This could be used during meditation with focus and intention of harmony and stability. It will provide calmness and stability along with smooth transition to the meditative state. The astrological sign for Black tourmaline is CAPRICORN.

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