Moonstone Raw Tumbles - 150Gms



The Pack Contains 150Gms of raw tumbled Moonstone for grid and meditation purpose
The stone are of size 5-20GM each

Moonstone also called as stone for travelers is known for its quality of protection especially at night. It is said to be most powerful protection amulet on water when moon is shining. It is also considered to be an effective aid for enhancing the personality.

Moonstone with its powerful barrier quality embedded in its crystalline structure it is effective in keeping undesired tatva’s out of one’s life. With its earth power of a filter it keeps the positive energy flow and filters out negative energy. As a grounding stone it also helps in providing mental stability and harmonizing the seeker.

Moonstone has a long lasting soothing quality which brings calmness on the emotional aspect and peace on the physical level. It has an energy which balances the emotions piled up in subconscious and thus contain outburst of emotions. When placed at the centre of chin (Moon Center) it stimulates confidence and composure.

Moonstone is the stone for those born under the zodiac sign of CANCER.

Moonstone has metal elemental energy which represents energy of healing, creativity and intelligence. It represents bonding and harmonization at both physical and spiritual level. This pyramid should be used in the west area of house or room.

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