Clear Quartz Orgonite



This orgonite contains Exclusively Hand Picked pure crystal,metal shavings, and copper. This is a limited edition offer with unbelievable price.

Size 8.5 - 10 CM

What is Orgonite :
Wilhelm Reich’s used the term Orgone to describe etheric energy (Life positive energy) he claimed to have been able to detect and measure in 1930's. Usually a combination of organic and inorganic material, Orgonite is believed to absorb the negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy, also known as Chi, Ki or Pranic Energy. Reich used the term OR or POR to describe the Positive energy and deadly Orgone or DOR for harmful negative etheric energy

Benefits of Orgonite:

• Clarity of Thoughts
• Removing mental blocks
• Enhancing the senses
• Transmutes Negative energy into positive energy
• Peace and harmony at mental level
• Self awareness and inner balance
• Smooth transition to meditative state
• Promotes compassion and strength

Why Pyramid Shape:

Pyramids have mesmerized civilizations for ages and almost all civilizations have used this shape to attain highs of spiritual awakenings. Its geometrical shape is said to amplify any vibration or pranic energy hence most of the temples around the world were built using this geometrical design.One school of thought believe that the four sides of a pyramid as a representation of the four elements (air, water, fire and wind) converging into infinity.

This beautiful Orgonite Pyramid is a combination of Orgone energy and sacred geometrical design of pyramid, made as replica of great pyramid of Egypt.

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