Flipping Coin, Heads or tails, Success Coin



Flipping Coin, Heads or tails, Success Coin.
A present for your indecisive friend.

There are moments when you can't make a decision, but don't really want to ask a friend for an advice. So what to do? Flip a coin? Why not? :)

This coin is unique in that it was not manufactured industrially, but hammered by hand, so amount of coins is limited. The coin is made of brass and is darkened. It was designed by the same blacksmith who also owns the coin design patent - Latvia D 15 569.

In fact, you receive the coin directly from the blacksmith's hands. It will not be touched by anybody else, so its energy will be pure. When you receive and open the package, make sure that nobody else touches your coin. In this way you will protect it from extraneous energy and be sure that the answer to your question will be suitable exactly for you. Keep the coin safely in your pocket.

The packaging is designed especially for this coin. Inside the package the coin is placed in cardboard. The blacksmith puts the coin in the package himself and confirms that with a stamp on the packaging.

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