Unique shoe stickers with rhinestone



♛ Luxurious and unusual decoration with rhinestones for high heeled shoe soles. Your shoe will gain more EXPENSIVE and PRESTIGIOUS look. Decoration looks very impressive on shoes with high heels!

♛ Only VIP-CLASS RHINESTONES are used, they play in the sun. No plastic or cheap glass! Rhinestones are mounted on a suede base with a powerful adhesive, this decoration is very durable.

♛ These decorations are designed for long use: they are WATER-RESISTANT and EASY to clean. You can wear it at any season and decorate shoes, sandals, ankle boots, and boots. The only condition high heels.

This accessory will add more expensive and prestigious look to your shoes. The impression created by the combination of luxury VIP-class rhinestones ("Preciosa", "DMC Premium") and a special base, which looks like real suede. The material is as soft, velvety and dense as real one 100% imitation! But much easier to care for than real suede.

This decoration looks expensive, unusual and very original. The most important is the height of your heels (from 7 cm). The higher they are the more spectacular is the result!

The decoration has excellent adhesion with the soles: suede base has a high-quality adhesive layer and the rhinestones are securely fixed on it. You can feel free to walk in the rain the stickers stay on the
sole greatly; the cloth and the rhinestone will remain on its place. This accessory is water resistant and can be washed easily.

Thanks to the European quality, rhinestones play and shimmer at any light. It will be luxurious and expensive decoration for your shoes!
The size of stickers is 6 x 12 cm (2,36 х 5,2 inch), in the set - 2 pieces. Instructions for applying are attached.

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