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Beautiful Spanish baby doll , locally made by hand in Spain by caring doll makers using traditional methods

This little Boy has realistic detail , lightly candy scented with open mouth with front teeth showing and sparkling eyes with eyelashes , He a is really cute little Spanish boy doll , from Spain's Artisan doll region ( 100% made in Spain )

Ideal base for adding your custom touches to create your own perfect doll, for example painting nails and detail , etc ( although He is just fine as he is )

He is wearing Pale blue clothing with matching hat and socks

Head, arms and legs are in vinyl with a stuffed cloth body

He is 19" long and weighs about 1 kg , new and unused

This doll dose not have gender details , so it could be used as a girl ( We can put pink dress on if required please message me )

Please note this doll is not suitable for children under 4 years old


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Location: Spain
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