anti-colic toy pillow Hippo with cherry stones



Anti-colic toy-pillow Hippo with cherry stones. There is a small pillow with cherry stones inside a toy. The small pillow is reliably stitched along perimeter that prevent spilling of filler. The external cover is closed on a zipping, a tape or buttons. When sewing only natural materials (cotton, sateen, a chintz, coarse calico) are used. Stones of garden cherry. They are processed, carefully washed out, boil thoroughly, heat-treated and dried up with own hand.

For newborn babies the pillow with cherry stones is the real rescue during colics. Having put a warm toy to a baby belly, you will easily help it to fall asleep. The oval shape of a toy is ideal for a baby belly shape and doesn't disturb it during sleep. This pillow slowly gives heat up and excludes risk of a burn and overheat. The warmed cherry stones have discreet scent of almonds. It is the fine relaxing aromatherapy.
Also warm heat of cherry stones helps to take off discomfort, physical and emotional tension. This pillow relaxes muscles, kills various pains, and helps at cold.

For heating:
Place a pillow with cherry stones in the microwave oven at 600W for 1-2 minutes or in an oven at 80 C for 8-15 minutes. Before repeated heating the pillow has to cool down completely.

The anti-colic toy-pillow can be used also as a cold compress at bruises, wricks, headaches.

For cooling:
Place a pillow with cherry stones in the freezer in a plastic bag for 30-60 minutes.

The toy-pillow with cherry stones is very agreeable to the touch, Hippo will become the useful toy for the kid helping to develop fine motor skills.

Filler: cherry stones, sea salt (it is possible to use for heating), buckwheat, peas, beans, rice (for fine motor skills).

The toy can be made in the shape of an owl, a lamb, a hippo, a whale, a penguin, a bear and other animals according to your desire.

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