Jewelry Carved Wooden Box with lock



"Spread your wings, butterfly"

Box sizes:
length: 13,7 cm (5,39"), width: 11,9 cm (4,69"), height: 6,7 cm (2,64");
length: 11,3 cm (4,45"), width: 9,3 cm (3,66"), height: 2,6 cm (1,02").

A tribute to my happy childhood home and adventures, these natural basswood boxes are carefully hand-carved by me and feature intricate geometric designs that always tell a story. Made for adults and kids alike to store jewelry, small treasures, and big secrets, these artful boxes are perfect gifts for any occasion that will be cherished and remembered for life by their lucky owners.

All boxes are carved from basswood sustainably sourced from a reputable supplier and feature a natural textile – wool felt, cotton, and linen – interior, as well as lace décor and wood and metal closures. To protect the wood and increase its longevity, I apply Danish oil – a naturally derived finishing oil – to the completed wooden box, which gives it a beautiful long-wearing, water-resistant, satin finish. All boxes have my logo/initials stamped or carved on the bottom to ensure authenticity.


Wipe gently with soft, dry cloth. Brush with a small soft-bristle brush to eliminate dust from crevices.

KEEP AWAY from moisture/ humid areas. DO NOT store in bathroom/kitchen.

Shipping destinations

Destination: WORLDWIDE
Shipping cost: £15.00
Shipping cost for each additional +1 of this item: £5.00

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Location: Russian Federation
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