Pink 3D Thick false car eyelashes Decal Sticker



Pink 3D Thick false eyelashes Decal Sticker for the car's hood are universal approach for all kinds of cars. Eyelashes easily bend into the shape you need, it is easy to make a curl. It is possible to adjust the size in accordance with the brand of the car (easily shortened with scissors). They are also very simple and easy to install on the front of the inside of the car's hood, and easy to remove. You will only need to clean the surface of the car, tear off the adhesive tape and glue it to the surface. The entire tape should touch the surface on which the eyelash is attached. The sticker does not damage the car paint. This is a great gift for your friends!

100% new and high quality

Pink Color
Placement of stickers: head of the car (front of the bonnet)
Design: Cartoon
Category: Stickers
Type of sticker: Car body
Type: Other 3D stickers
Material type: PVC
Topic: Fashion
Suitable for: All cars
The package includes: 1 pair - 2 pcs. 3D eyelashes for the car (Come with self-adhesive tape 3mm from the side)
Occasion: Celebration of the wedding, Travel, birthday, holidays, etc.
Size: 31 x 17 cm / 12.2''x 6.69 '' (approximately). Because of the measurement size, handmade, so there may be a mistake of 0.1-0.5 inches

Detail: The film must be attached to a clean, smooth surface of the car (Clean the surface and remove dirt, oil on the spot where you are ready to stick the product and wait until it dries.) Do not wash the car for 24 hours.

The note:
Do not expose to the sun for a long time.
Please understand, because of the scattering of light or the difference in the computer screen, so I can not guarantee that the photos and the real color are 100% identical.

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