Art Tree "Gold Autumn" Wire Sculpture



This little abstraction of an autumn tree, will be a great gift, or addition to your own home interior.
It can bring the good-old memories and great autumn mood, can give inspiration we all sometimes so need.
It is implemented in specific technique, the base made of wire and between the outlines it is filled with stained glass paints, what makes the impression of elements made of colored glass.
Handmade exclusive item in one exemplar.

* Measurements:

Height x Length x Width - 25 x 19 x 19 cm.

Materials were used:
Stained glass paints,
Acrylic paints,
Artistic paints,
Wooden stand,
Glue and other.

Pay attention - real colors can be slightly different due to different monitor adjustments.

Recommendations for care: Wisk the dust with a soft brush or wipe with a damp tampon.

If you have some questions about the item - you're welcome to ask or clarify whatever you are interested in with private messaging me.

Shipping destinations

Destination: WORLDWIDE
Shipping cost: 15.00
Shipping cost for each additional +1 of this item: 15.00

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Location: Ukraine
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