Decorative Wall Plate "Flowers"



The composition of the plate consists of colors in blue-blue and yellow tones. Some of the flowers in the center of the plate I painted with oil paints, the flowers on the edge made of polymer clay and painted with oil paints. The whole image is fixed with a thin layer of varnish. Due to the combination of different techniques (molding and oil painting) the plate turned out to be very interesting and absolutely original. The semi-transparency of the bottom of the plate and the colors written on it favorably match the matt and denser colors along the edge.

On the back of the plate there is a small hook for a nail. Thanks to this you can hang a plate on the wall in the kitchen, dining room or living room and it will perfectly complement the interior. It can also become an original and exclusive gift.
Completely handmade work. One of a kind.

* Measurements:

Diameter 22 cm.

Materials were used:
Luminarc plate,
Polymer clay (production: USA, Germany),
Oil paints,
Acrylic varnish.

Recommendations for care-dust brushing with a soft brush or wipe with a wet tampon.

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Destination: WORLDWIDE
Shipping cost: 12.00
Shipping cost for each additional +1 of this item: 12.00

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Location: Ukraine
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