Construstor "Circus Athletes"



Balance constructor and role playing game

They are strong as a crag. They devour sheer danger for breakfast. Women faint at the sight of their deadly tricks! Would you help them to come up with a new one?
You can build astonishing construction, using 8 athletes and 10 weights.
Coloring, background music, shooting this man of muscle from the catapult and other improvements are welcome) Create your circus show!

The game
Athletes add one up another creating a pyramid
Add different weights to complicate your construction
Build the highest, the most creative or the funniest construction before the finale boom
Each athlete has unique emotion, face and clothes. So you can give them different names or invent your own circle play!
Open-ended toy for creative development of children

Development: imagination, spatial thinking, motor skills and emotions
Details: 18 (8 strongmen and 10 weights)
Size: strongmen (60х50х12 mm), weights (26х(36-60)х12 mm)
Material: birch plywood (Euro certificate 1)
Packing: a linen bag - men not lost during a break between performances

Shipping destinations

Destination: WORLDWIDE
Shipping cost: 3.80
Shipping cost for each additional +1 of this item: 7.61

Accepted payment methods

- Bank transfer


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Location: Ukraine
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