Ripple-waved waney yew cheese or cake board



With two waney edges, both creamy and distinct, this board really does have features that excite and delight!

The honey gold heart wood provides a warm and welcoming backdrop for scattered seal-point ink-blot inclusions, and these are set in glowing contrast alongside the deep rich whorls, toffee brown knots and soft whispers of rose. But the most intriguing aspect of this board is the deeply contoured and delightfully faulted waney edge which tangles the creamy sap wood among memories of rough-hewn branchlets, prickle-back bark scars and dark mysterious gnarls and fissures.

If you look closely at the striations emanating from the central knot, you see beautiful nuances in the grain and subtle variations in colour and texture.

This is a captivating board that is ready for you to dress with cheese, fruit, nuts, little terracotta pots of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, with rustic breads or cakes and sweet treats.

When off duty this beautiful board can sit as a decorative piece on a table or sideboard, and I have photographed it dressed as a simple and charming tablecentre, wearing nothing more than a lightly-scented candle, a delicious bottle of sloe gin and two pretty glasses; double-entendre notwithstanding!

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Waney Grain

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