Gorgeous yew food plinth or grazing plank



What a beautiful and dramatic piece this is. At 60 inches long and 10 inches wide this lovely rip cut yew plinth creates a stunning focal point for your table.

Rip cut wood, that is wood that has been cut down the grain, is a timber cut that liberates delightful natural grain expressions and contours. In this plinth they swirl and sweep in rich hues of honey gold and warm caramel down its whole length, and contrast beautifully with natural deep dark inclusions and the creamy butterscotch of the waney edged sap wood.

At 7 kgs this long-sweep plinth needs to be prepared in situ: it's simply too heavy to carry fully laden, but imagine the impact it creates! I've pictured this gorgeous plinth dressed for a wedding with golden tea light holders and charming little ceramic hearts and it would also make the perfect base for your wedding cake or pretty cupcakes. When it's not gracing the bride and groom's table it also looks elegant and stylish dressed for a fabulous rustic supper, resplendent with cheeses, pate, rich fruit cake, charcuterie, grapes, nuts and olives.

After use this plinth can be simply wiped clean, ideally with a piece of slightly damp kitchen paper. And when it's not on duty as a food server this plinth looks gorgeous on your table dressed with little more than candle sticks, frames photographs or floral displays.

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