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Make your own paper antelope trophy with our printable PDF pattern! Its easy! Just follow the instructions & you will be proud of your low poly animal trophy. Isnt it a nice & unique wall mount decor for your sweet home?

I created here a lovely & original antelope head. This antelope comes from Africa and it has spiral horns. Its official name is "Greater Kudu". Dont be afraid, I assembled the sculpture so everybody can do it! You will just need time & precision. Put your music on & enjoy the assemblage! (For me it is a perfect way to relax).

Once your purchase confirmed, I will send you by email a ZIP file with the pattern (PDF files to be printed with A4 or A3 sheets Letter or Tabloid in the States) & the complete instructions in English to make the sculpture.

- Difficulty Level: Easy (You need approximately 4/6 hours to build). This model is easy to assemble. The most difficult part is the horns.
3D Papercraft: Antelope trophy
- Approximately size: 60 cm / 23.6 in (height), 30 cm / 11.8 in (wide), 33 cm / 13 in (deep)
- Use thick paper: A4 or A3 (in the States, the equivalent A4 is Letter - & A3 is Tabloid)
- A3 template (PDF): 6 Sheets - 75 Parts (+ one A3 sheet and one part for the optional base)
- A4 template (PDF): 15 Sheets - 80 Parts (+ one A3 sheet and one part for the optional base)

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