Bohorockers hanging chair hammock swing.



.Bohorockers Classic luxury hanging chair hammock swing with weather resistant acrylic fabric for indoor and outdoor use.

Bohorockers Classic takes the concept of the chair hammock to its maximum, using luxury weather resistant fabrics, cushioning, a wide sitting postion and an integrated fabric leg extension to sit or fully recline up to 210cm.

Treat yourself to the best. Save 33% buying this Limited Edition premade Bohorocker, rather than the custom models on the website, where you choose the fabric and strings and I make it for you.

Bohorockers are a sanctuary for you to sit quietly, clearing ones head, feeling comforted and supported, without compromise. They are on another level to other hanging chairs and chair hammocks.

Dedicating a particular place to chill out helps create a calmer mind. Mine is my Bohorocker. Knowing it's always hanging there in itself triggers the calm.

Bohorockers sell the swing chair stand that makes the chair self supporting. We love the swing. It is easy, unbreakable, foldable, elegant But..! It doubles the price, the swing movement is only back and forth like 2D, compared to hanging from above, a 3D 360 swing. The beautifully carved wood pole and rope triangle looks elegant and fills the middle scene of the space it hangs. Inviting. We recommend putting in the effort to see the possibilities of hanging the chair from a beam.

Bohorockers hanging chair hammock is a family chair. Everyone has their quiet moments inside. Buy it as a baby chair. It makes a unique present for a nursery, for mum to express and nurse, father and child to cuddle up and tell stories, for child to find a secure cocoon and clear their head....and as the cycles of life go on, the chair is a constant sanctuary of calm through the phases, different uses at different times, hung in different places. In a bedroom it makes a good space to be quietly online, as a reading chair or even a gaming chair.

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Destination: EU
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Shipping cost for each additional +1 of this item: 25.00

Destination: USA & CANADA
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Destination: Australia
Shipping cost: 160.00
Shipping cost for each additional +1 of this item: 70.00

Destination: United Arab Emirates
Shipping cost: 90.00
Shipping cost for each additional +1 of this item: 50.00

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