Hild: Book 2 The Children of Snotingas



Step back in time to the age of King Penda, when the kingdom of Mercia was born.

Life in Anglo-Saxon England is far from fair. There are strict classes that all people fall into. At the top there are the kings, then the thanes. After the thanes come the warriors, then the ceorls, and at the very bottom are the slaves. Women are not equal to men; and then there are the prisoners.

War is upon them as the kings gather their war bands to raid and pillage. In Snotingham, the effects of the war are about to fall the hardest on Snot, Cynewise and Ravinger. Eorl, oldest son of Snot, sent to Eoforwīc to spy on the Nordanhymbrians, is murdered. Justice is demanded and blood must be met with blood. The war band of Snotingham rides north, leaving the Snotingas in the care of Calder.

With war raging on, the prisoners in Snotingham are more than a little restless. But only Nyle seems to be set on escape. Morven has become distracted by the news that Luella is to be married and Kipp is determined to find a way to assassinate Snot. With matters of the heart, burning rage, blinding pride and fragile allegiances governing the fates of all there has never been a more dangerous time to be counted as one of the Children of Snotingas.

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