Wood Burning Art Angel And Demon Handmade Art



This painting is handmade on solid wood and fiberboard with the technique of wood burning.
It represents the duality that exists in every person, the good and bad, the water and fire, the angel and the demon.

This is an unique gift made for someone you love or it's a gift for you, to remember that in you lais toghether the good and the evil.

This painting it's varnished with an ecolasure wich protects the wood from UV, bad weather and mold, so you cand enjoy this piece of fruniture in your home for many years to come.

Approx. measurements:

37 cm long
28 cm wide

Shipping destinations

Destination: WORLDWIDE
Shipping cost: 10.00
Shipping cost for each additional +1 of this item: 0.00

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Location: Romania
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