Cord and Wool Tote Bag



This fab bag has been lovingly made from up-cycled corduroy. The bag is lined with a lovely retro floral print fine wool fabric with a lovely bluish purple background and a retro floral print in pink orange and white, and also forms a panel running round one half of the outside of the bag. There is a pocket on the inside of the bag, ideal for stashing keys, phone or smaller bits and pieces that otherwise seem to remain elusive in the bottom of your bag. The bag is gusseted and offers plenty of room for all the usual bits and bobs that a handbag usually houses. One of my beautiful organza flower corsages adorns the bag, it’s a deep purple crystal organza with purple seed beads in the centre, it has a pin back so you can move it round or war it elsewhere.

It measures 45cm long x 21cm wide x 6cm deep, the handle is approximately 15cm.

I have designed the shape of the bag to be ergonomic and safe to carry, with mine (similar to this one) I place the strap round my wrist and hold it just below, which makes it comfy to carry and very secure.

Due to screen resolutions (and my novice photography skills!) colours can appear a little different on screen than they do in the flesh. If you’re matching a specific colour and want to double check or have any other queries, please email me.

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