Diddy kids 'Lucy' hand bag Green penguins design



Made from high quality cotton, printed with penguins, this bag will stand out from the crowd. It is lined with coordinated orange cotton material and is totally reversible so when you get bored with one look, turn the bag inside out for a new bag ;)

I have used light interfacing to give the bag some structure and designed it so that it has a proper 'bottom' and will stand up alone.

23cm wide by 16cm high, this bag is ideal for all of those important treasures you carry around when you are 3yrs old.

I made this bag for my little girl who wanted a bag 'like Mummy' so it is just that, a mini-me bag for your little girl. Named the 'Lucy' bag after my little girl who is now really proud every time Mummy sells one of 'her' bags ;)

If you haven't got a little girl in your life, this is an ace bag to pop your purse, phone and keys in and sling over your wrist or maybe you could use it to put your little knitting or crochet project in? Its uses are endless.

All of my bags are made by myself in a pet and smoke-free house.

All needles, knitting and yarn are not included in the sale, they are only there for photographic purposes. Thank you

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