Cute Little Leather Covered Notebook



This cute little notebook had been completely hand made. The pages have been hand cut and bound, and the whole thing has been assembled almost completely from up-cycled materials.

Tan colour, creased effect, patent leather encases approximately 50 delicate pink pages. The inner cover has been lined with brown parcel paper printed with a paisley pattern in pink, a swirly brown and cream button adorns the front and teams up with a loop of metallic pink elastic on the back to fasten it all closed.

At 11.5cm x 8.5cm x 1.5cm it’s the ideal size to slip into your bag or a pocket ready for your little jottings, reminder lists or even as a journal. Perfect as a unique little gift for yourself or someone special.

Due to screen resolutions (and my novice photography skills!) colours can appear a little different on screen than they do in the flesh. If you’re matching a specific colour and want to double check or have any other queries, please email me.

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