Strawberry Bloom Custom Flower Cake Topper



A big cake topper to sit on a large birthday cake, decorated with pretty 3d flowers and the name or number of your choice!

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See last two pictures.

Topper design is around 6" wide and 4" tall. Complete height 7.5 inches tall. Created from brightly coloured card & applied to two slim, flat, wooden lolly sticks for support.

♥ Strawberry Bloom ♥

Red ♥ Yellow ♥ Pink ♥ Light Pink ♥ Green


♥ IMPORTANT: I'm in the UK. If you are buying internationally and your event is less than three weeks away, please contact me before buying to make sure your order will reach you in time. Usually, delivery takes around a week or so.

♥ Colours may vary slightly due to different monitor settings.

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