my flexible furoshiki summer bag



This colourful furoshiki is perfect for summer - why carry lots of bags and rugs when a furoshiki will do?

Just fold and knot the furoshiki to create the bag you need:

- A shoulder bag to carry your things to the beach - then undo the knots and you have beachmat
- Basket style for your picnic, and unwrap for a picnic cloth
- A variety of handbags to carry all those essentials whether you're out in the evening or out in the day
- or even for the slender, a sarong!

Instructions are included and the furoshiki, which measures c119x119cm comes specially wrapped with a resuable gift tag.

The pictures above show just a three of the different furoshiki bags that can be created. For more inspiration please visit our blog,

Please note that due to the handmade nature of our product, slight variations in size may occur.

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