Hi everyone, Iím Tatiana.
Welcome to my shop! I am a professional woodcarving artist with a degree in Applied Fine Arts from the Volga Regional State University in Russia. I specialize in chip carving on basswood and draw my inspiration from my own life, nature, and music. Iíve been carving ever since I visited a woodcarving studio in 2008 and was so struck by the craft that I was inspired to try it for myself. Since then, Iíve created hundreds of original pieces on my own, as well as worked for companies that produce wooden home décor, and have had my work featured in their stores and on their websites. Iím a total introvert, and though I love people, I find that being and working alone energizes me like nothing else, and I spend all my time creating beautiful works to share with the world. I hope you enjoy my shop and find something you love!
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Location: Russian Federation