Welcome, whomever you are...browser, shopper, bored surfer, crafter, big spender or bargain hunter.

I hope you like the items on my page, I made them myself. I have no idea if anyone will want to buy them, but I thought I would give it a go. All your feedback on items or prices is welcome.

This furniture is handmade by me from a variety of different woods. The only treatment is a little linseed oil. You may wish to add a little oil each year to keep the wood looking nice.

I started by making items like this for my own children and decided to make a few for others. I try and make them as safe as possible for children and they are all pretty robust, but they donít conform to any British Safety standards etc..
Once you buy it, it is entirely up to you what age of child you wish to give it to.
Please be aware that some items may be small or breakable with rough handling.

You can buy fairy and elf figurines from many places. Some favourites, that my children own, are made by Papo, Schleich or ELC

Little bird

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Location: United Kingdom