Greetings everyone and welcome to my handmade shop!
Here, on the website, you can find exactly those jewellery, that would please you more than one day.
Elegant jewellery for ceremonial evening, stylish set for office meetings or just bright necklaces made of natural stones for a good mood. Handmade jewellery will emphasise your individuality and flawless taste for every occasion. Amongst wide assortment of necklaces, bracelets, beads, brooches and pendants you will find something what suits only you! Moreover, handmade jewellery - is an ideal present, which would show your good taste and inventiveness.
I use natural precious and semi-precious stones made especially for my products by craftsmen from other cities and countries. The metal furniture do not lose its colour and do not oxidize. My works are original and you won't find anything alike. Very rarely possible repeat the ideas of some other jewellery. Also I can suggest you to replace conventional light silver on silver.
oryx ewelry

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Location: Poland