What is a day without being able to be creative in a fabulous - thick or thin papered - BLANK journal? Not a very good one! I don't know about you, but I find blank journals one of the hardest finds to come across! Every time I am drawn to a beautiful cover, pretty and artsy and one of perfect thickness and size - I open it up to find? LINES!
I can never stick to lines - I am an out of the box, over the lines kind of person and I know that I am not the only one!
So, here is a shop for those who know what a good journal is when they see one - the type of person that will never conform to a pre-marked line on a page! Take a look around and find that perfect journal that I know you have been looking for! Can't find it? Contact me and I will turn that dream journal of yours into a reality!

SNTL journals are handmade. The finest paper is selected to create each individual signature. The signatures are then threaded together with thick and strong thread. Each cover is considered a piece of art in itself.


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Location: Netherlands