Scrapbookerry was founded in 2011 by Kerry Goodman. She was inspired by the high interest and demand for her crafts that her circle of family and friends had demonstrated.

Kerry has always had a passion for craft, excelling in this area during her school years. It was five years ago, however, when Kerry attended a party for a home-selling scrapbook company that she made her first scrapbook page using photographs. She loved the way you could make albums interesting, each page had a theme, each page told a tale.

When Kerry became a mum in 2008 she developed a love for mini albums as a great way to store and record photographs of her little boy. From this she developed another area of her crafting enterprise and and started making more and more of her elaborate ideas.

Everything Kerry makes is handmade, from the heart with the businesses roots of family and friendship beaming through.

A Scrapbookerry piece is an item which will be treasured forever.


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Location: United Kingdom