Welcome to our shop! We sell unique and handmade products from the Wayuu people.
The Wayuu are an indigenous tribe inhabiting the La Guajira Peninsula in Colombia, South America. These tribes are mostly engaged in raising sheep and goats, planting corn, manufacturing musical instruments and knitting. Although the cultural implications of the complexity of their knitting works (working time, ancestral knowledge, creativity, etc.) gives to the Wayuu women their social prestige this activity has turned gradually into another way of making a living.

The Mochilas or Susu bags are characterized by their production time (it takes up to 40 hours to knit one bag) and stylised geometrical figures, representing the natural elements that surround the daily life of Wayuus. The more complex the figures, the more valuable the product.

We actively support native communities by establishing trade relations and create an awareness of the cultural heritage and traditions of Colombian tribes.

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