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Name: Kev
Gender: Male

Hi my name is Kev and I live in Yorkshire, UK with my wife and two young boys. I love recycling old things or making new things a lot more beautiful by drawing on them! I'm currently 'into' designing handmade greetings cards. I always try to use 100% recycled stock and fully biodegradable protective 'cello wraps' for my cards to make them that little bit 'greener'. I seem to spend a fair chunk of my time taking product photographs of my wife's handmade jewellery (check out some of my work here: www.rubyspiritdesigns.co.uk), but my 'proper job' is running the studio for a design agency near Leeds.

I keep a craft based blog about my own work: www.digtheearthblog.blogspot.com and also run an image based blog with a daily post: http://ilovehandmadeblog.blogspot.com/ that features handmade loveliness from around the world.

You can also now follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/_digtheearth_

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