Tobyboo's profile

Name: Tina Crawford
Gender: Female
Birthday: 21st February 1972

Once upon a time a tiny girl called Tina liked to make things, so much so that she spent 3 years at Central St Martins making jewellery. Tina then decided that she'd still like to make things but went off to the land of television and stayed their for 7 whole years when out of the blue a nasty fairy made her ill and she had to leave the land.

Banished from the land of television and too ill to work in other lands, Tina decided to make handbags for the rich and slightly famous, the nasty fairy visited again and made her even more ill......what was she to do? Many years later a tiny baby boy came along, his name was Toby and Tina decided that he would be the inspiration for making gorgeous and unsual things for the boos of this land....Tobyboo. The end.

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