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Name: Oksana Grinberg
Gender: Female
Birthday: 29th January 1980

Hello and welcome to my shop!
My name is Oksana and I am from Ukraine. I am a full time mother and housewife. I have two wonderful sons. Not long ago I discovered some new hobbies, many of which I had not tried before and must say that I am very glad that I did.
I enjoy making some things that helps people celebrate everyday life and special occasions.
I hope you like the things I make.
Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Oksana-Grinberg/100011859791779
Please note, delivery expectations:
- USA: 1,5-3 weeks
- Canada: 2-4 weeks
- Australia: 2-4 weeks
- Europe: 1-2 weeks
- Japan: 7-12 days…

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